Tours to Hungary


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Read the players diaries bellow from the last 3 Tours:

I have organised 16 Waterpolo Tours to Hungary since 2006.

1, -Selborne College (U18 team) Kecskemet, August 2006.

2, -St. Albans College (U18 team) Budapest, August 2008.

3, -Stirling High School  (U18 team) Budapest, July 2009.

4, -St. Albans College (U18 team) Budapest, August 2009.

5, -Northern Crocodiles (U15 team) Budapest-Pecs, April 2010.

6, -Northern Crocodiles (U15 team) Budapest-Pecs, April 2011.

7, -Northern Crocodiles (1st team) Budapest-Leanyfalu August, 2011.

8, -Northern Crocodiles (U15 team) Budapest-Pecs April 2012.

9, -Northern Crocodiles (U15 team) Budapest-Leanyfalu 2013.

10, -AFFIES-Northern Crocodiles (1st team) Budapest-Leanyfalu 2013.

11, -Northern Crocodiles (U15 team) Budapest-Pecs 2014.

12, -Northern Crocodiles (1st team) Budapest-Leanyfalu 2014.

13, -Northern Crocodiles (U15 Team) Budapest Leanyfalu 2015.

14, -Northern Crocodiles (1st Team) Budapest-Leanyfalu 2015.

15, -Northern Crocodiles (U15 Team) Budapest-Pecs 2016.

16, -Northern Crocodiles (U15 Team) Pecs-Budapest-Kecskemet 2017.

Training Camps to Hungary: (Individual Players)

Northern Crocodile Players in Hungarian Clubs:

-Nardus Badenhorst,   University of Pecs (6 Month) 2008.

-Christi Rowstren, Carly Wessels, Tayla Web, Chester Rowsten,

Luvuyo Rubushe, Tayler Vulyon,  Kecskemet (2 months) 2009.

-Rulf Du Preez, Barno Du Preez, University of Pecs, (3 weeks) 2010.

-Rulf Du Preez, University of Pecs 2012. (2 months) 2013

-Michael Fuchsloch, Mark Verryn, Alessandro Guerra Pecs (1 months) 2014

-Peter Louw, Pecs, 2015.


Northern Crocodiles Waterpolo Tour to Hungary 2014-2015.

Players Comments of the Tour:

U15 Waterpolo Tour to Hungary

17th to 29th of April 2015.

day 1 Dylan Blom

As we all meet waiting to go, the eager beaver Kumbi just had to arrive late to show his enthusiasm but this is just normal for him. After all the photos were taken, we sadly said bye to our parents and we moved off down into the boarding line. The long wait began as everyone was going to Dubai. We stood behind Redhill College girls hockey team going to Holland as Mr Kearney found out chatting to one of them. One we got our tickets we then had an hour to walk and get things for the plane that we wanted. We got on to our plane Emirates Airline and were amazed at what we saw our own tv’s remotes, headphones etc. as we saw our seats i was quite amazed since I got a seat next to 3 girls and Bradley couldn’t stop looking, That night 70% of the team could not sleep due to all the awesome movies and not being able to find a great position to sleep. When we arrived at Dubai international airport. We all meet as a group and did numbers so we can see if everyone there. The first time and immediately knew that the form1 boys were going to mess up and got prepared for the push ups. (Kris told us when we saying our number in order to our cap numbers between two numbers can be more than 2 sec delay and we can’t make any mistakes with the numbers), I was thinking if we not getting better with this we will do lot of push ups.

Day 2 Vium Gronum

We started the day off as the early birds at 6:30 am. We swam in the most amazing pool and it was heated to 27 degrees. While we were swimming we saw the world’s best Waterpolo player with a really long name. (Tibor Benedek he is 3 times Olympic Champion and he is the current World Champion Hungarian man’s team coach) after our training we went to play paint ball at an abandoned Russian military base. This experience was great because Mr Kearney was wearing a bright orange jacket (because the largest available overall was too small for him) witch made it very easy to spot him, his jacket led to his fall and he we shot him about 50 times during the day. The next activity was for us to go to Slovakia this was not so fun because Kris told us how bad their country was. We then went back to our hotel to start the training camp in Leanyfalu outside Budapest. We played our first game against under 15’s. They taught us a lot about the game. The day was extremely fun but as we got back to the hotel we couldn’t wait to sleep.

Day 3 Tafadzwa Kumbirai

The boys and I woke up at 6.50 am not keen for early morning training, and as we got to the pool and we weren’t amused to find two old men swimming in the lane from 5 am. Then halfway through practice Christopher and Kian Turner had a little collision with the old man and he did not seemed amused, the reason we were not entirely sure was because we could understand anything he was saying, We relied on his hand movements to see his emotions. After a long and hard training session we were stuck in a huge traffic jam due to a 21 km running race and we were all amazed because the most running we do is the annual running of the bounds.

Once we were off the bus Kris took us to one of the oldest and most beautiful subway train stations in Europe. After we got off the train Kris took us to one of the main attractions in Budapest, it was called Hero’s Square, in the square there were statues of all the greatest kings of the Hungarian history, with the main king in the middle, truly one of the highlights of the third day.

After we left the Square we went to the Dracula castle, while Kris was telling us some facts about the war (future history teacher) as we got we saw more statues and we were all eager to take photos with, but the most eager was Mr Kearney with his vision of taking the greatest photo telling all the boys to move in very specific places. (please see this photos on the FB page)

Once finished with the Dracula Castle, we were shown a market square where some very ‘interesting’ Hungarian couise was being sold, Everywhere we went there was an interesting array of smell, but mostly sewage. So to sum it up it was a pretty awesome day all round.

Day 4. Gabriel Dos Santos

Day four was one which settled the worries of parents, because today we played serious polo! We woke up late at 9.00 (what seemed to be a rare gift) before heading to breakfast. We then went to an intense two hour practice at the local pool. It was then time for lunch and a video analysis session based on our previous game. That night was to be ended off with an intense two hour game against ridiculously manly fourteen year olds! It was an exciting game and a busy day which ended with welcome sleep and before a great dinner!

Day 5 Kian DBG

It was our last day at the training camp and everyone was motive to finish on a good note and finally be able to relax and take a bit of rest.

We woke up early as usual and quickly had a huge breakfast before heading down to the pool. We then had a 2 hour training session were we specifically focused on our shooting techniques and on man-up situations.  After the training session we headed back to the hotel and made sure that we were all packed and ready to head back to our first hotel in Budapest.

When we arrived back at the 1st hotel, we had some time to unpack and relax before leaving for our game against the OSC under 14 team, that were coached by one of Kris’s former team members and even consisted of his former team members son. They were big rivals to each other as a player and now Kris wanted to prove he is a better coach than his friend so he did ask us to play properly and must not embarrass him in his own country.

It was an intense match that involved lots of ,,punching and scratching,, but thanks to Ronan’s amazing defending and some excellent shots by Vium and Luke we were able to come out with a winning score of 10-8. It was a great feeling winning a match in the most successful Waterpolo playing country.
Day 6 Chris Katranas

The morning was free so most of us went to the 347 years old Turkish baths, with old people that scared most of the boys, and enjoyed the sulphur filled pools (what was smelling like bad eggs) and sauna with one pool with its temperature at 50c. Then after lunch we went to the Waterpolo shop to get some essentials with the help of Kris we got 25% off from the normal price. After that we played a tough game of polo 4×8 min stop start in Szekesfehervar which ended the day with a long bus trip home.


Day 7 Bradley Hooker

The day started off with Luke leaving the hotel and walking into a window that was hanging low. As Kris sad to us today and tomorrow will be our well deserved rest days before our last match on Monday! We walked to west end the biggest mall in Budapest which was absolutely amazing with the boys going to starbucks, burger king and lots of other places. We then went to a Hungarian craft market and had Hungarian traditional food langos. Then we went to watch a game of the Hungarian professional first devision mans championship play of game at Eger (about 2hours from Budapest) where the local team played a Budapest team Honved. This match was the third match between them and the winner where qualifying to the championship semi final. Bot sides played unrealistic level of Waterpolo where in the end Eger won. We then went to west end again and mostly lay around in Starbucks.


Day 8  Zack Z. and Kurt I.

Today was started off with the boys finishing all the Nutella , but managing to leave the other people the “delicious” orange jam. Then after breakfast Mr Kernels took us to a very large market where they sold a lot of different types of food such as bacon rapped chicken breast or giant Russian sausages, no wonder Mr Kearny wanted to go there. Then the boys split up into 3 groups. The boys then all split up in different directions one group was determined to find ice cream, while the other was searching for Starbucks and the last group were buying trinkets for their family

Then to make the day even better it started to rain and most people thought it was going to be a warm day and wore short-sleeve shirts, that was a bad call, But the biggest mistake of the whole trip is Mr Kearny wearing open toed shoes in such cold weather in the street all the people where looking at him. He tried to convince us he can feel the cold, it might be right because he has some substantial insulation all over his body and the latest he growing a beard. Since he is in Hungary according to him because of the Hungarian dishes he put on 6kg already.

For lunch we had a lot of spaghetti and crumbed chicken. After lunch the boys had a free day and got given their public transport tickets as for now everyone was moving around Budapest comfortable. We then got split up into 3 groups again. All the boys had different ideas of free and thought they could find a mall that they haven’t visited yet and got lost on the way. Another group went back to the market and did their own thing, while the last group went to the hard rock coffee.

Then the boys came home safely for dinner to our hotel.


Waterpolo U15 Tour 2014

Day 1 Cornel Korff

We landed in Frankfurt after a long flight which was about 10 – 11 hours after which we went straight to the next boarding station to board on our next flight which was to Budapest. When we landed we got picked up with a mini bus, we drove for about 3 hours and about two hours we stopped for a quick breakfast/tea in a shopping centre before we got to our destination Pecs what in an University town which was the centre of culture in Europe in 2011. We get to the hotel which we are staying at for the first 4 days, in Pecs where we are competing in an International U14 Tournament with the top European Club teams. Our Hotel the Palatinus which in the middle of town an old and Historical building. Once we got the keys to our rooms everyone had 15 min to unpack. We were served a nice welcome lunch which everyone enjoyed. Our team was also treated to a once in a life-time opportunity, watching a water polo match between Hungary( current world champs) and Croatia (current Olympic champions). The match went into penalty shoot-outs, Croatia won. What was interesting Aidan had recorded the last penalty what the referees declined a goal for Hungary, we watched and it was clearly a goal, so Hungary should won the match! It was eye opening how this top professionals playing this game!  Once we got back to the hotel we had dinner and everyone was extremely tired so everyone was in their rooms by 10.

Day 2

James Ritchie

This was our 1st day full day in Hungary, and it all started at 9:00 in the morning for some really good breakfast at our hotel, after  breakfast we went sightseeing around the area of Pecs.

Than we went shopping at a mall shorty after sightseeing in the mall there were shows in Hungarian from the Hungarian folk history that we watched. This  was also the 1st day of the tournament and everyone was exited but very nervous, after losing by a huge amount of 26-1 that was a warm welcome to Hungary we were feeling really bad but then sir told us we just played against the best team in Hungary the team who we played against was the current U14 Champion of Hungary, that lifted our spirits a bit because as Kris said the worst is over from now all team who we will play are weak compare to this team. What was interesting in the half time after the 2nd chukka when we had to switch side in the match Kris walked pass the opposition team and the coach who was Kris’s team mate long time ago, Kris said to the coach his team has to be ready because we know now what they weakness and we will come back fast in the last two chukka, (the score than was 15-0 to them) after and exhausting game we headed back to the hotel for dinner and a well-deserved sleep.

Day 3 Owen Sheard

We woke up at 8,30 in the morning. We went down and had our great breakfast. After breakfast we chilled in our rooms because the weather was bad. At 12 o clock we had lunch because we were going to play our 2nd Waterpolo game at 3. After lunch we went up to our rooms and got our kit for the game. At 1 we went down stairs and got the team together so that we can walk down to the pool. When we got there we had to change and get ready for the game. Kris told us we don’t have to be nervous we only playing against a Serbian team! During the game we were 2-0 up in the first 2 chukers but we started dying out and at the end of the game the score was 9-4 to them. After the game we went back to the hotel and had dinner at 6 because we had to leave at 7 to go back to the pool because our assistant couch ( Sean ) was going to play a game what Kris did organized him with the local men’s team who are 13th in the national Hungarian premier league. We went to support Sean and watch the team and learn some tricks what we could use in our next match. After we got back to the Hotel Kris and Sean worked out a reward system to motivate us what is involved ice cream, and some pocket money!

Kris told me to write this down: Because I was the only goal scorer in our first match everyone had to call me the BOSS until the next match!


Day 4: Dexter Dyantyi-Turner

It was an early morning and we probably had the most important game we would ever play in our U15 career, we were playing Pecs’ the home team since we were playing the tournament in Pecs’. So we go have a very tasty European breakfast which consisted all kind of eggs, sausages, different sweet and salty pastry’s, salami, cheeses & a bun the spared was amazing and delicious. So we walk to the indoor water polo centre which was really awesome!! So the team that I play for Northern Crocodiles were mentally and physically preparing for the match that we were going to play against Pecs’.  So the match starts and we leading for the majority of the game and Pecs’ scored 2 goals in the last minute making us lose the game: 9-8 to Pecs’. So our coach says that “We need to taste pain”, because of the missed opportunity to win our first match and write history to become the first South African team to win a match in an international Waterpolo Tournament,  so we had to swim 15 lengths of Butterfly. Then we had free time for the rest of the day some of us went to the mall, some walked around and most of chilled in McDonalds for the AMAZING WIFI!!!


Day 5

Orateng Koikanyang


Today was a day to remember, after many days of losing & a few butterfly laps from the greatest coach in the world we finally won a match, final score 9-4. It felt good to be the only South African team to win a match at one of the best European tournaments in the world. It was a good day in general due to the fact that we had just made history & that we could chill the rest of the day knowing that there were no bad vibes & feelings amongst the team we learned amazing sticks and tactics from the other oppositions, we saw how Waterpolo should been played with proper officials referees clock table. Then our trip to Budapest were we would be staying for the rest of the tour began. The best part of Budapest is its amazing buildings & beautiful scenery. This tour is definitely one to remember & the best is yet to come.


Day 6, Carling Hobday

We woke up at 7:00 for what we thought would have been a chilled training session but we thought wrong and we finish at 8:00 and we had the traditional breakfast salamis and cheese. Then we went for some sight-seeing in Budapest and Chris told us and showed us why they play water-polo and why the water is so warm. Then after that we went to this big castle area were they had a war in 1940 and the revolution in 1956. They even left the bullet holes still in the building wall then we walk down to the bottom of the castle to an old bomb shelter that they turn in to a hospital in 1940 but then retired and opened again in 1956. It was a one of a lifetime experience because we got an inside look of the Buda castle, the cave system under the castle is more than 10km long under the ground we had an English speaking tour guide she speak good English and she was quiet hot as well then we walked back to our hotel and had launch and then we had a couple of hours to chill then we had a nothing training session and after we had supper and that end the day.


Day 7, Trenton Wiseman

Today we woke up at 7:00 for morning training to find out that the pool was closed because it was a public holiday. Then we had breakfast at 9:00 and walked to Heroes Square where there are statues of all the Hungarian kings, Attila the Hun and many other famous Hungarian people. After that we went to a replica of Dracula’s Castle where there is a statue of a writer and poet called Anonymous, because nobody knew who he was. At about 14:00 we got back to the hotel and had free time but there wasn’t much to do because all the shops were closed because of the public holiday. So some of us went to Margit Island and walked around, got some traditional Hungarian food and admired the surrounding area. The rest of us relaxed in the hotel for a bit and then walked around the city, had fun and looked at the traditional buildings and architecture of Budapest. At 20:00 Sir arrived with the biggest pizzas we had ever seen a slice being at least 50cm long each. After finishing our dinner we relaxed in the hotel until we were all tired and went to sleep.

Day 8 John Venter

After a well-rested night we all woke up at 7 for training. We had a really rough set and were grateful when we could finally shower and have breakfast. It started raining as we headed out of the hotel. Sir got us our transport tickets. Using the trams we could go everywhere inside Budapest. Kris took to us West End Mall, the biggest mall in Europe but before we went to see the House of Parliament Kris was hoping because of the heavy rain we could go inside the Parliament building but even in the rain the queue was longer than 3 km. We came back for lunch where we had delicious pasta and lots of chicken we had to stay in the dining room until we finished all the food it wasn’t easy because the food was too much but  coach Sean and Heinz did help us a lot. All of us enjoyed our lunch and a few hours later got ready for another swimming set than we went with him to go go-karting. As we arrived we soon realised it was also booked till that night. With all this we still wanted to do something, going on to bowling with a big disappointment because it was also booked till late that night. Coming back for dinner we had some amazing pasta, potato and beef. We got permission to go out for a little bit but had to be back at ten. We decided to go the Mammut mall where we relaxed for a bit and came back right on time. Lights out was at 10. It was another great day in Hungary.

Day 9 Thomas Scholtz

The Off Day

Today was probably the most adventurous day of the tour where we took a short break from our busy water polo schedule & found some new ways to have loads of fun. The day started on a high as everyone had the chance to sleep in for the first the first time (no morning training). After a continental breakfast at the hotel we headed off to Slovakia. Although our stay in Slovakia was very brief the whole team decided that it was a much nicer place than Hungary which pissed off Mr. Szentgyorgyi, a lot or course it was a joke because we can’t compare the two countries because specially Budapest is one of the most beautiful city in the world.

From there we took a bus to paintball in an old Russian army camp which was arguably the highlight of the day. After all the rounds had been finished a name was drawn out of a cap & that person had to do the “chicken run”. William was shot about 50 times over about 10 seconds while he ran for his life. R.I.P William.

The day ended with an adrenaline pump at go karting in Budapest. Aidan had the best time around the track, 32.2 seconds. It was a very good day on tour.


Day 10 William Woodrow

Today we got back to the pool after our “off day” and kicked off at 7am. We trained for about an hour and afterwards had free time until 10:30, when we went to the Budapest market. We then came back to the hotel and had time to prepare for our game later. We left at about 13:00 for Leanyfalu, where we were playing. When we were about halfway there, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch, and we ate traditional Hungarian food called lángos, which is basically two vetkoeks squished together with melted cheese and tomato sauce in the middle. When we arrived at or destination, we played against the local club and another invited team from Budapest. It wasn’t an official match – there was no scoreboard, shot clock, but we did play about 2 hours with 10 minutes breaks between so it was perfect to practice gameplay in. We started off badly and it took us a while to start playing properly and start scoring, but we ended quite well. After the game we had a “debrief” in one of the hot springs around the pool, and when we arrived back in Budapest we had the rest of the day free, but seeing as it was already dark we all stayed at the hotel.

Day 11: Aidan Le Roux

Today we had an early start to the day, with an early breakfast. After which we hoped on the bus and headed off to probably one of the nicest stadium in Hungary, where we played against Kecskemet U/14 team, who we unfortunately lost even Seam our coach played for us in the last two chukka. When the game had ended we headed back to the hotel, on our way back we stopped at Mc Donald’s for lunch, after getting back on the bus and heading back to the hotel where we had free time until 18:00, where some of the boys went off to “West End” which is one of the malls on the Pest side of Budapest. At 19:00 we played against one of the 3rd division men’s team, pulling off another unfortunate loss. Today had to be one of the most tiring day for the boys as we played two matches against some top teams but we did learn a lot what we have to use in SA when we playing against other schools. We were finishing off the day with some HUGE delicious pizzas from Don PePe.

Day 12, Heinz Grönum

Today was our second last day in Hungary before we headed back to SA. We woke up quite early for breakfast, as we were told by Kris our boss that we could have the whole day to our selves, to do whatever we desire. After we had breakfast and decided what we were going to do, we headed off straight to the go-kart track to have a last run on this amazing track. When we arrived at the track we came to the realization that it was booked, so we desired to head off to the mall and try come back later. We arrived at the mall with the intention of buying everything that we are able of getting in SA. After a while of shopping and a good while spent at Starbucks we headed back to the hotel for lunch, where we were greeted by some burgers and pasta. We finished our food and headed straight back to the go-kart track, where we were lucky enough to get an opening in the booking list. We headed back to the hotel after an amazing time at the go-kart track. For supper we headed off to Subway which was the best supper we have had so far. After a long day of rest and fun we decided not to end our day off, but to go into the late hour of the night having a great time with our one of a kind coach Sean at the Hotel.


Waterpolo Tour to Hungary April 2013! (Player’s diaries):


Day 1. Hungary Waterpolo Tour 2013

By Thumo Jansen.

From the moment we woke up the excitement for our trip was over whelming. We had been preparing and training hard for this, all we wanted to do was go! We all met at the airport where we had our last few moments with our parents before going through to check in and then through to international departures. There we got our first taste of independence where we had free time to roam as a team. Kris initiated the numbers system where we would shout out our numbers in numerical order whenever Kris said “numbers”. This was cool because we would know if someone was missing, but the punishment for someone forgetting to say their number was 10 push ups at a time for everyone. We boarded our flight to Egypt at first it felt like we were going to drive there but eventually we took off and settled in for a long flight where we got up to our own things, some slept, some bantered, some made new friends and others watched movies. Later that evening supper was served but most of us just wanted to get to bed. We were woken up early the next morning at about 4am for breakfast. We were slowly approaching Egypt and got a nice view of the landscape and the river Nile. Not long after we landed in what looked like the middle of nowhere, we’re was just sand everywhere. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to go visit The Pyramids of Giza so We had a long and boring wait at the airport. Our flight to Budapest was shorter than our flight to Cairo most of us had passed out before we took off but the commotion from the food woke some up. On approach to Budapest we got an awesome view of the city and the river. We got onto the bus to the hotel and got to see Budapest from the road. Our hotel is not far from the river so on the way there we got to see the Hungarian House of Parliament. We checked in and had a light training session at the pool what is at our Hotel, from our windows we can see the pool, and then rested for the rest of the afternoon. It was nice after our long flight.

Day 2. Hungary Waterpolo Tour 2013

By James Ritchie & John Venter.

After a nice long sleep from no sleep at all we then woke up at early for morning training at 7:00am we ended up swimming 2k’s. Then 20 butterfly because one of the team members was late. After swimming we then we headed up for breakfast. After we watched a game of Hungarian 2rd division Waterpolo we then went sight-seeing in Buda where we visited the Budapest Castle. This had an awesome atmosphere with many other tourists. In the castle We saw the Matthias Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion and from that high  we could see the Danube, the Hungarian Parliament and Pest across the Danube. This day was our first day using the Hungarian Public transport which included trams, the metro and busses, most boys didn’t know what to do or where to get off but thanks to the help of Sir we were didn’t get lost or killed by another bus or tram. We then had a cool subways lunch and then got an hour to window shop and decide what we want to buy. On our return to then hotel, we were surprised and got our awesome looking costumes. What was custom made for us later that afternoon we had a hard swimming session where we got more used to the climate and water. That evening we got the pleasure to watch a first division Waterpolo match and met a few Olympic and double Olympic Waterpolo champions, we were lucky to get signatures and photos because sir was coached by same coach as them. By that time our stomachs were screaming for food and were answered with huge interesting tasting pizza’s.

Day 3 Hungary Waterpolo Tour 2013

By Marc Phillips

We woke up for early morning training at 7:00am we ended up swimming 3k’s. After swimming we then headed up for breakfast. After watching an under 16 Hungarian Waterpolo team, we then went sight-seeing in Pest where we used the Hungarian Public transport which included trams and the metro to visited Hero’s square and the Dracula Castle from Pennsylvania what was hosting the Museum of agriculture.  We then went to eat at Burger King all of us ate a double Whopper and the best ice cream treat called ‘BKool. After we ate, we went to one of the biggest mall we have ever seen called The West End Shopping Centre where all of us tried to get all the hot girls to take photos with us 🙂 because we have a competition the person with the hottest girl will be called the king of the Tour what Heinz thinks will win.  Than we had a training session what we had to finish a bit earlier because they started cleaning the pool, but if was lucky because we were a bit tired. Than we had a nice pizza and a big bottle of ice tea for dinner.

Day 4, Hungary Waterpolo Tour 2013

By Keegan Clarke

Today we woke up at around eight, to our joy. We had no morning training because Kris give us a rest before our first match in Hungary in the afternoon. Today we visited Vienna, capital city of Austria. But unfortunately for us the bus drive to Austria was a three hours. This wasn’t that bad in the end. The countryside between Budapest and Vienna was rather different to South Africa. Green grass and shrubs with mainly dead trees and about a hundred wind turbines. When we finally got to Vienna it had far more new buildings compared to Budapest which had mainly old, eccentric buildings. We then visited The Schönbrunn Palace, built in 1767 in Rococo style, where we had an audio guide give us a tour of the palace and give us all information about it and the life of the royal family’s life there. After the tour and quite a few push-ups because according to Kris some of us couldn’t behave in the Museum we headed back to Hungary where we stopped in a town named Györ. After having a quick lunch outside of the mall there and meeting Mr. Rubushe’s “brother” 😉 only other black person in Hungary we headed off to the local pool which was heated and indoor to our joy. Here we played the town’s local U/14 team.
After a rather good beginning in the first minute (we scored and were leading) it went downhill after because we were keep missing out shoots and the score was 9-3 down end of the 2nd chukka. We finally woke up and started to play better, Hugo scored 7 goals myself 5. The game became really tight and we ended up losing 15-14 unfortunately but it was one of our best match in the season. Kris was also happy because of our come back in the last two chukka. Hopefully we will start every other game we play much better. We then headed back to Budapest and stopped for McDonald’s where we had some Burgers and a bottomless cooldrings. We arrived at the hotel rather late and headed straight for bed so we wouldn’t be too tired for the next day’s morning training.

Day 5, Tuesday 23 April

By Marno van der Westhuizen

Wow! What an amazing day this was.  After breakfast, the day started with a four hour drive to Slovakia where we had a morning of sightseeing and learning about this country’s relationship with Hungary.  We did not stay long as the Slovakians and Hungarians are apparently not the best of friends… After spending the morning in Slovakia, we headed back to Hungary (the countries are only divided by a bridge stretching over the Danube River). We had lunch at smart all you can eat restaurant where we could pick and choose whatever we felt like eating. The restaurant had a massive variety of different dishes such as chips, chicken schnitzel, beef patties, fish and chicken breast. We were all satisfied with our choses and were soon full. A fitting way to end such an awesome day was to play paintball at an abandoned Russian military camp. The camp included many old buildings and a few open areas where we spent the afternoon running, dodging paintballs and crawling on the ground. We were each given 400 paintballs for the afternoon. Some people used half of all their paintballs in the first round causing them to struggle by the 5th round! We all enjoyed playing in the abandoned buildings, especially the big double story house. After enjoying ourselves, we had to face the fact that this had been the best day of the tour so far (apart from the painful paintball shots all over our bodies of course!).

We should all realise how privileged we are that we received the opportunity to come along on this amazing tour!

Day 6 Hungary polo tour 2013

By James Dhooge

Our day started at 7:00am with a 5.5km swim in the 25 meter pool inside the bubble. This swim set took us about 2 and half hours to complete. After that we all had breakfast at the hotel and got briefed about what we are doing today. The plans for the day are going to the bank to exchange our money, free time at West End shopping centre, go eat lunch and going to watch Eger vs BVSC. After the briefing we had about 10 minutes to get ready to go to the bank. At the bank Luvuyo told us what to do and we all went one by one to exchange our Euros into Hungarian Forint. Once we were all done at the bank we started walking to the tram stop we needed to wait at, when we were on the tram we realized that Tyler was not with us because as we all found out he was in a public toilet doing his business. At West End Luvuyo told us what time to meet him in front of the shopping centre and we all split up and went shopping, we had about 2 hours to shop. Most of the team ended up in New Yorker buying clothes. When we all were done, we met in front of the centre where we got onto a tram and headed back to the hotel where we meet Kris and went to lunch at this restaurant which was really cool because you pay a set price and you can eat as much as you want. This turned into a competition of who can eat the most courses of food and Tyler won with a total of 8. After an awesome Lunch we walked back to the hotel to chill for an hour before we left to go watch the game in Pest. We all met in front of the hotel at about 6:30 and started to walk when Brad realised he had left his public transport card inside his room, he ran to go get it and came out of the hotel limping because he had tripped up the stairs and hurt his knee. At the pool while the game was being played Brad and Kris went and asked one of the teams doctors if he would look at it. Once he had looked at it he said that Brad should go get x-rays done so after the game Kris took brad to the hospital while we caught the underground and the tram back the hotel with Luvuyo. Later we did find out Brad pulled a muscle in his leg so Kris told him just in case he won’t play or train until he will get better. This was shocking news for Tumo, who couldn’t sleep because he was so nervous because he has to play starting goalkeeper until Brad getting better!? We got back at around 9:40pm and all went to bed. It was an awesome day in Budapest!

Day 7 Hungary polo tour 2013

By John Venter and James Richie

We woke up for morning training which started at 7. We had a swimming session, leg work, with our new polo balls we then headed back to the hotel and had breakfast. We had time to chill until 11:30 then went to Kecskemet where Luvuyo was on exchange for two months in 2009. Half of the bus fell asleep while driving for an hour and 45min when we got there we had lunch and went to a big sport shop that had no Waterpolo balls (weird) we were ending up playing ping pong, throwing around balls, riding around the shop on different kind of bicycles it was really nice because it this shop you can try out all product what they selling after about and hour in the shop we had to sit down and Kris told us now we have to focus for the match against the local team. Than we got into our bus and kept driving until we got to an amazing pool and an awesome indoor stadium where they had amazing Jacuzzis with hot and cold water, lot of different kind of saunas and pools, and a big pool built from rocks where they made huge waves similar than Sun City. Kris told us this is the newest and best swimming pool in Europe at the moment and he is planning to bring the first team next year for a training camp here. We started the match but it was different we played for 1hour and a half so we had rolling subs all the time. Sadly we ended up losing that game by a lot but we learned a lot from the Hungarian players who were lost smaller than us but really skilful and quick in the water. In the match highlights when a girl who also played against us robbed the ball from Heinz than spin him and in the end she scored a goal from him!  After the game we had dinner at the pool restaurant then drove all the way back to our hotel for a good night’s sleep for morning training the next day.

Day 8 Hungary polo tour

By Ross Momberg

Today we woke up at 7 for morning training, which was mainly ball skills and legs and finished early at 8.30. We had the normal breakfast and left for Miskolc, home of Peter Biros 3 times Olympic champions home town who is currently the most valuable player in Hungary and he is the captain of the Hungarian National team, to swim in The Cave pools called Termal Barlangfurdo and drove for 4 hours, most of us sleeping the whole bus ride. We spent the next few hours chasing, dunking each other and swimming against the current in the pools, the pools were amazing because it actually was in a cave, had at least 15 different pools, all with different temperatures and even offers a sauna system. For lunch we went to the Auchan and had huge pizzas. When we got to the Miskolc pool what is named after the 3 times Olympic Champion Hungarian Waterpolo teams coach Kemeny Denes, in the front of the pool building was the Olympic Champion Hungarian Waterpolo players hand prints on the wall it was amazing to see them. After in the pool Kris show us in the pool who we should trade the Water, shoot pass the ball, push the defenders in the best attacking position, and push the attackers out of position when we playing. We played against the local U15 Miskolc team that were apparently 13th in the country and lost 15-3. For dinner we had McDonalds big mac and bottomless drinks. Heinz had 6 cups half litre each. We arrived back at the hotel at midnight.

Day 9 Hungary polo tour

By Heinz Gronum

It all started quite late in the morning as we had no morning training because Kris wanted to give us a rest day so we had time to sleep in. At about 10 o`clock we went to have breakfast were after we had a meeting to discuss what Kris had planned for us to do today. Turns out all we had planned for today was a bus drive around the city which did not sound that interesting but after Kris told us it is a bus what is going a lap in town and then it is going to the water and another lap there as well. It is called RIVER RIDE?! So because that was all we had Kris said we could have the whole afternoon off after the site seeing in land and water. What we decided to do was to go go carting as lots of us have not yet experienced it so we thought that it would be fun but when we got there it turned out only a few of us could go because it was fully booked which was were devastating. One our way home we decided to go bowling so that we don’t waist our time doing nothing.  After bowling we had to meet up with Kris for lunch at Burger Perfect witch took quite a while to get to as we went to the wrong one on the other side of the city. After lunch we headed home were we got ready for the River ride around town? When we got there the bus drive seemed more exiting when I found out the bus can go on water witch was very interesting because we have never seen something like that everyone else know that accept me. Kris told us he had booked us a place for go carting because not all of us could go the first after the bus drive of we went to go carting were I’m sour we all had louds of fun.

Day 10 Hungary polo tour 

By Alec Hugo


Waking up at 7 for morning training seems to become the norm for everyone by now, but I think we are all starting to appreciate it and enjoy it. After a light training we had a few hours to get ready to leave for Leanyfalu. With a few hours left in the city we spent the time walking around and most of us stocked up on Milka what is a Hungarian chocolate in different flavours and they are amazing. We left Budapest at midday and set of for the country side Leanyfalu. We arrived an hour later and checked into our BnB which is an old Willa 5 minutes away from the pool and really amazing it has a ping pong and pool table. We sat down and had lunch at the pool restaurant and afterwards hit the opportunity to check out the pool before we went back to relax before our training later. Our first training session here went well Kris organized the whole 50 meter Olympic size pool for us what we need at St. Albans as well, the team seems to be looking forward to our last few days and the waterpolo we’re going to play.


29 April day 10
By Gabriel Theron


We started our day on a beautiful summer morning with a two hour training session, from 7:00am to 9:00am in the Leanyfalu swimming pool we had the whole pool for ourselves. We did some fitness but most of the training was focusing on our skills especially on out legs exercises. Because as Kris saying all the time to us, we can’t play Waterpolo without legs! We then had breakfast at our hotel. Breakfast would have been better if Heinz didn’t eat all our sausages and dropped on in the yam jar. After breakfast, we all had free time until 12:30 in which some of us went to the water park and others played pool and table tennis in our hotel.
At 12:30 we all met for lunch. For lunch we had baked potato with small pieces of beef some salad, if must be a Hungarian dish because I never see this before but it was nice. After lunch we had more free time. Most of us played pool, whilst others chilled in their rooms mentally preparing themselves for the match later on. At 4:00pm we all met outside the hotel and took a walk to the pool in which we were about to play our match in. Our opponents were there when we got there, as it was their home pool and they needed to put the goals in and set the pool for us. Shortly after arriving we swam a proper warm up, as a team. After the warm-up we were told the starting seven for the match and we did some shooting exercises. Than Kris told us what tactics we have to play focusing on the driving from the backs. The match was not the cleanest of matches what we played, but many of us are looking forward to playing them again tomorrow afternoon, even though they beat us heavily. The Hungarian players playing really physically but the doing everything under the water so the referees never see anything, we have to learn this from them, because Kris always saying, only the ,,stupid,, players hitting the opposition above the water and the water level is same for everyone!


U15 Waterpolo Tour to Hungary 4th to the 18th of April 2012 

Day 1 and 2 Jan-Marco

Our first flight from JHB to Istanbul went well. We landed in Turkey after a 10 hour flight and spent 2 hours on the airport. We went to a connecting flight to Budapest where we had some pizza and the famous Lake Balaton chocolate with a coke after immediately got on a bus ride for 4 hours to Pecs where everyone was sleeping. We arrived in Pecs and went to the hotel. We went to the pool where we got our costumes, Hungary bags gowns and our Tournament T shirts from Kris. We played 2 matches against a Serbian and German team and unfortunately we lost both. Poor defence and laziness influenced as both teams had most of their goals from counter attack. Serbian team from Beograd the capital City of Serbia 26-2 goals by Hopkins and Guerra. German team from Hannover 23-3 Smit x2 and Hopkins and Dewald was voted man of the match for this game. At the end of each day there is a wolf of the day and for day 2 Daniel and Basti won it. Daniel got this for sucking on his coke bottle the whole time and Basti because he telling everyone all the time he is so cool because he has 4 different passports?! Interesting dish of the day was the Hungarian broccoli cream soup it sounds scary but it was actually really nice!

Day 3- Daniel De Meyer

We started out our day by having a breakfast of sausages, fried sausage, boiled sausages. We then walked down to the pool and got ready to play our game against a Romanian team. We played and Ali scored a goal…… let’s leave it at that. We lost by lot of goals. After our game we did not feel like getting changed back into our kit so we decided to walk through Pecs in nothing but our wet gowns, Kris was quiet upset when he find it out, he said don’t be a peasant like the Serbians who are making so much noise in out hotel and has no manners what so ever, we felt so cool and decided to take a “short cut” and managed , we got stared at by all the locals. We are all still surprised we were not arrested because of all the unhappy Grannies who were looking at us. Once we got back to the hotel we had about 4 hours to chill and sleep (none of us did anyway) we then got lucky and were taken to the mall but we were not given any money…… Kris said don’t be like a blonde woman with a credit card, so we walked around and made noise for an hour. Our team quickly learnt not to be late or there will be consequences, Basti and Greg had to go up to a bunch of smoking 19 year old girls and had to ask them if they could have a picture taken with them, but even worse Jan and Luke had to go to 50 year old woman and had to get a picture with them getting a kiss on the cheek. After all that we went back to the hotel and had some cold fruit soup, fish with a nut topping and some unidentifiable desert. Then finally got to go back to sleep at 10 pm. It was a fun day in Pecs.

Day 4-Luke Hopkins

Today we played the last day of the tournament a team from Germany who lost all their matches same as us we lost again but I think that we played well the last chukka we drawn 3-3. Kris said if we start the match like we played in the last chukka it could be a completely different match for us. After the match we went back to the hotel and got our money and went to the mall as Kris said waist some money) we didn’t  get some ice cream and looked around. Selwyn and a few others were late so Roelf and Mr Lalla gave them ,,punishment,,  that they had to get a photo with a girl giving him a kiss on the cheek. Selwyn went for round 1 and he tried his hardest to convince this girl that he goes around the world and gets photos with girl but sadly she reluctantly said no. Selwyn had to pick his game up and move on with that heavy upset. So this time he went for two girls and used the same story and this time it worked so he was a hero. Then  we went back to the pool and watched the final between Partizan (Serbia) and PVSK Pecs (Hungary). Unfortunately Pecs lost even though they were in the lead for the whole match some point with 4 goals. When we told Kris how good is the Serbian team, he said to us don’t get too excited because the Pecs team only 5th in the national championship and still played the final with the Serbian Champion.  I saw some goals from the Hungarian team what I never see in my life, perfect shoots, and a brilliant back shoot goal, it was really fantastic. We learned a lot of watching the two teams. Than we collected our luggage and got into the bus and drive to Budapest. When we finally reached Budapest after three and a half hours we were greeted by some great bridges, a very impressive parliament  Buda Castle and the awesome Chain and Margaret Bridge with lots of lights and the ,,only mistake,, is that the lion statues had no tongues. Our first meal in Budapest was a huge pizza from the Waterpolo restaurant Don Pepe about a meter wide and the most pieces eaten was four by Daniel.

Day 5 – Robert Ford (first day in Budapest)

We woke up at seven and had to meet Kris at the dining room in our gowns and costumes for an hour of fitness in the 50m pool outside our hotel, it was -2 degrees and we were freezing properly and it was my first time doing fitness in a 50m pool with old people swimming next to you they were not in their 40’s but 80’s. Luckily the pool was heated or we would have frozen to death. The training was hard but we did well and survived! After a great breakfast we dressed warm and went sight-seeing and  headed straight for the shopping centre and had a look around while Kris sorted out things (public transport tickets for the week) its quite a cool mall and it had a bowling alley  and a really big M.C. Donald’s  after a short tram ride we went up with a small bus to the Buda Castle. First what we saw was the beautiful and massive church called the Matthias Church named after a very formidable king of Hungary and the leader of the black army and on the church is a crow with a gold ring in its mouth which represents the black army what was the most fired army in the world in that time. There was a statue of king Matthias riding a horse where Dewald had to take a picture with a very attractive girl the whole area in which the castle is located is called the Fisherman’s Bastion and then we then went down the hill and there is a tunnel that is approximately ten meters tall and six wide and about 500 meters long and a pilot from the Hungarian Red Bull air race team flew his plane through the tunnel but the plane was too wide to fit horizontally so he flew it vertically though the whole tunnel and survived.  For the afternoon ball skills practice to our luck we were not allowed to play with balls  In the outside pool so we happily went inside to an Olympic Waterpolo pool where we had another hour ball skills training with lot of shooting and in the end we played a little practise match between each other which is awesome it is like a loftus versveld of Budapest. Wednesday as Kris organized we will go there and watch the Hungarian First League match with a couple of Olympic Champions in Action. We were extremely lucky with everything that happened today. End of the day we had our giant pizzas and cokes for dinner, Kris was cross to us because we couldn’t finish the last pizza but it was bigger than us today, I never eat that much pizza in my life before.

Day 6 – Dewald  Smit (second day in Budapest)

Having a good night’s sleep and waking up at 9AM we all had breakfast. All of us had a wonderful morning not having to train because of the wonderful word EASTER and even had the pool being emptied (in Hungary the public Holliday is Easter Monday all shops are closed including the pools also). After breakfast we all got suited up for the cold -2 degrees outside and got told the schedule for the day. First starting off with the historical sites seeing in pest (Heroes Square, Basilica, Dracula Castle, Ice Skating Lake, Big Garden called LIGET, House Of Terror, The BIG HOLE. Seeing buildings built from a hundreds years ago and noticing that the history here is not the same as the history in South Africa. Hungary is a Christian Country since 1000 started with the first Christian King Istvan. The buildings being older, having much more technique and having actual Kings. Seeing the Dracula Castle (where a lot of us bought suaveness), cathedral and having a nice cup of hot chocolate at Starbucks next to the Most Beautiful Church in Budapest the Basilica. After heading back with the trams for our Lunch what is a lot of meat, chips with coke lunch we decided on go-cart racing in a close shopping centre called Euro Centre. While instead of having 1 round of 8minutes we had 4 rounds and Michael Fuchsloch definitely dominated, proving that Michael Schumacher is not the only German who can race and having Selwyn winning from behind with he’s record of 44 seconds a lap.  After go-carting we had the Polo restaurants giant pizzas for super and dived into bed for a s good night’s rest.    

Day 7 – Gregory Ford

We woke up at quarter to seven (too early) and sat down in a small room in our gowns and costumes FREEZING, then found out that we can’t practice because the guy with the keys didn’t pitch up. We were so lucky we needed another day rest after the tournament and the hard training a day before. We went to have our usual breakfast and then we took the trams and trains to and from West End were we got some snacks and cool souvenirs. After the mall we got home to have lunch, which was spaghetti, chicken and turkey breasts, and a 2 litre coke. After lunch we had chill time, we can just chill in our rooms, sleep and watch TV. After the chill time we left to go to some sight-seeing in Buda, and we went another smaller mall that is closer to our Hotel. The shopping centres name is Mammut has 2 sides, that is joined together like the twin towers but smaller. After Mammut we saw the Diapolo store there are some really awesome costumes and gowns. After another half hour of chill time we left on an extremely long train ride to Roelfs Waterpolo match that can decide if he will make the team or not. His team lost and I’m not sure what will happen to Roelfs career in the team but with hard work he has a chance to play and study in the Pecs team what is same town where we played our tournament. After that we left and got Burger King were I left my bag in. (I know owe Kris 4 cokes every time if I leave something and Kris bring it back to me it is a coke for him). We left and got home at quarter to twelve and went straight to bed.

Day 8 Basti Dos Santos

We woke up at 9 o’clock to have breakfast and then be told the plans for the rest of the day. Everyone was there except for Sasha “educator of the year” Lalla, who we had to go and wake up. We all met up in a small room where we were told the plans for today, and were they good. We were going to play paintball at an Old Russian Army base and then later on that night watch a water polo game between two of the best teams in Hungary. Everyone was really excited for the paintball. We arrived at the so called the Soviet Base and were explained the rules by a Hungarian man with a Heavy accent. We then got into our two teams and got suited up, and then we were ready. The first few rounds everyone was cautious, except for Selwyn, he ended up winning the prize for being shot the most during the day. The highlight was definitely the last two rounds; this was in an old building. This is where Luke was reduced to a screaming little girl by the Ford’s and Fuch, and Jan being forced to surrender without even being shot. All in all it was a good teambuilding experience. We then had two hours of “quiet time” back at the hotel. Then we met to walk to the pool where the Polo game same pool where we were training two days ago. This was right around the corner. We were lucky enough to see the 2nd and 3rd best teams in Hungary. We also saw many Olympic gold medallists and possibly the greatest Waterpolo player in the world, Dr. Gergely Kiss; this 2.04 metre tall 110kg beast has won 3 gold Medals. He unfortunately got a Cap-Off for 3 kick outs in the last chukka. This was a very tight match, ending 9-9. It then went to penalties where the Team we weren’t supporting won. It was the BEST Waterpolo game what I ever see in my life!!  We then went to Mac Donalds for dinner. It was a really good Day!

Day 9 – Michael Fuchsloch

Today was a really slow start we woke up nice and late and ate a delicious breakfast then then we were given the whole morning off. In the free time everyone split up into groups and wondered off and did their own thing in small groups. Some of the boys went bowling and some guys went go-carting and at two o`clock we all got on to a bus and went to Slovakia. We saw a magnificently beautiful castle on the Hungarian side in Esztergom and had a splendid view from the country of Slovakia. Unfortunately our time spent in Slovakia consisted about 95% of fitness, squats, push ups and running because we couldn’t keep our voice level below comfortable for Kris in the bus. Believe it or not hardly a word was uttered on the way to the next castle in Visegrad because of the bad weather. What a nice experience of Slovakia. Kris said now we have a common dislikes to Slovakia the Hungarians because of the 2nd Word War and us because of the fitness session?!  Then we went to our match in a fantastic pool with a wonderful view in Szentendre. Initially we started off relatively strongly but slowly deteriorate against the opponents. The players were really talented and we learnt a lot from them, it must be said that we might have done better since we didn’t take all our chances and missing easy goals but a few good goals were scored the most so far in this tour 7. (Luke 3, Dewald 2, Basti 1, and Rob 1) the final score was 25-7.  In conclusion we had an interesting day and learnt from the match yet grew strongly as a team and within our friendships!

Day 10- Henk Vryenhoek

We woke up and went to breakfast at 9 o’clock. We then had some free time and got ready for some site seeing and then went on a river ride tour (River Ride, Boat-Bus, it is a Bus what can go on water also) and we drove around the whole of Budapest. And saw both the Buda and the Pest side in extreme detail.! Then we rode on the river for the second part of the tour. We then had a huge sandwich at Subways. It was a really fantastic experience during this time, Coach Kris was being interviewed on television, due to the fact that he is the first Hungarian to participate in the Cape Epic MTB race and he was the Hungarian commentator of the race on the Hungarian TV. Then we came back to the hotel to relax for two hours. We went to watch a first division match, Vasas vs Honved where we saw many Olympic champions play, it was a close match until the third chukka where Vasas started to dominate the match. Kris was then interviewed at the match by a really hot Woman. We don’t understand but all of us think it is some kind of machine in Hungary what is creating the most beautiful Woman’s and Girls?!  Vasas won the match 12-8. Then we went for dinner at Mc. Donald’s for some much needed nutrition. It was one of the biggest Mc. Donald’s I have ever seen. Then we all came home and went to sleep. A real god day in Budapest!

Day 11 Jaco Moller

Today started with breakfast at nine o’clock. Everyone was thankful for the fact that we got a few extra hours of sleep. After breakfast, sir announced that we were allowed to do whatever we wanted until lunch. However, we did have one requirement for the day. Everyone was expected to swim 40 laps in the 50 meter pool at the time of our choice. Most boys chose to swim their laps straight after breakfast to get it out of the way. The weather was not at its best today. It was cold for most of the day and cloudy with a bit of rain on a few occasions. By two o’clock, everyone was hungry and couldn’t wait for lunch. We were given delicious chicken and chips. After lunch, we were given a few more hours of free time and had to be back at the hotel at five o’clock to get ready for our match. With full stomachs, most boys took advantage of the free time, to catch up on some much needed sleep. As we started making our way to our match, nerves grew amongst us as we weren’t sure what to expect from the adult team that we would be playing. It was a very entertaining match. Couch Kris, Mr. Lalla and one of Couch Kris’s friends played for us and were very useful in helping us learn more about water polo. It was a practice match and goals were not being counted, but I think our team came out on top. We were privileged enough to witness a true legend in action when Couch Kris scored three amazing back shots and a few other fantastic goals with ease. We ended off the day with awesome sandwiches from Subways. All in all, it was an amazing day!

Day 12 – Alessandro Guerra

The day started really slowly and most people were really tired and struggling to walk. We then received news that we had free time until 2. Jan and Greg decided to go back to sleep, we only saw them again at lunch. The rest of us went to a market. On our way to the market a random hobo started shouting and swearing at Mr Lalla and sir then decided to blow the hobo a kiss that when the real rage began. We all bought really nice gifts. When we were at the market we all wanted to go to different places so we split up into groups. Most of the groups found their way back to the hotel but a lucky 3 got lost. Michael, Dan and I hoped on a bus which took us out of Buda and into Pest we were driving further from the tram we needed to get home. We were walking around Pest getting more and more lost we chose to ask a lady for help she told us we were going the wrong way after walking around for an hour we found a tram and hoped on let’s just say we took 2 hours to find our way home. When we arrived home we had lunch. We then had more chill time until 5. At 5 we went to the third and final game of the 2nd and 3rd place play-offs to see who would be in the final. Vasas dominated the last match and won 12-7. Then we went to have a healthy supper at Mc Donald’s. We then just chilled in the hotel and went to sleep. 

Day 13 – Selwyn Steyn

We woke up at our usual 9 o’clock and ate the all too familiar breakfast when our captain (whom had overslept) was dragged to breakfast in his underwear. After 10 days of tranquillity and surreal peace in our team, this was all brought to an end with the great battle of diapolo. For days prior to this day people were hiding costumes and planning how to get the best ones. After an hour or so we left with new costumes. There after we had free time during which we split up. Some remained and dared the icy waters of the hotel pool and played polo in their newly acquired speedos and others went to the infamous Mammut mall.

Kris then announced that we will be having lunch at an all you can eat buffet; we were exalted by the fact that we would be getting this treat. Strangely most of us dished salad much to the surprise of the beholders. This restaurant can be described as polo player’s heaven. Basically you get a time limit of two hours to eat as much as you can (and as you can imagine Kris made sure we did). Afterwards we had more free time.

This tour has been and awesome experience, for starters we introduced to a country and lifestyle of which we were oblivious. Initially we were amazed by Pecs but the standard was soon shattered when we entered Budapest (the quietest our team has been). Furthermore our eyes were opened to a different brand of polo (the best in the word the HUNGARIAN one). We were inspired by our new team Vasas whom we were all going crazy for. There were the massive Don Pepe pizzas and Starbucks coffees then elegant Duda side and majestic Pest side. Early morning in minus two and then There was the sexy dragon pose and Jan just being Jtyyhyhhan. Then there was doing fitness in Slovakia and the showers in the Pecs pool. Kris’s backsot and the subway sandwiches. Jacos being late and Bastis spice. The gokarting (Michael Fuch our hero) and the paintball (still hurts). Mr Lallas stories and bomba, but most of all our friendships grew and team spirit even more. When we leave today we leave with shirts and souvenirs but most of all we leave with an experience and memories which are so priceless and valuable. We will never be a team. As of this tour we will be something much stronger. We have a new goal, make first team and come back to Hungary again!

Day 14-Mark “The German” Verryn

So we had to leave. The awkward silence filled the air as we were all aware that we only have a few more hours in Hungary. We were all told to pack our bags and to hand in our keys. We had about 3 hours to spend before our bus arrived to take us to the airport. Some of us decided it was time to watch Gladiator on Mr Lalla’s laptop whilst other found the need to spend those extra few Forint leftover on food or go-karting.

The bus arrived at our hotel and we were packed and ready to go, all that was left to do was to thank Mr and Mrs Szentgyorgyi  (Kriss parents) for making our time in Hungary awesome and fun and for organizing so much of our food. We climb on the bus and head off to the airport. Silence filled the air as everyone fell asleep after what was a hectic two weeks of sight-seeing and training.

After a while we arrived at the airport. We got our tickets and got our baggage through. We didn’t have to wait long for the boarding gates to open. The

Plane took off and we were heading straight to Istanbul. We had a good flight and arrived safely in Istanbul a while later. We had to kill one hour before the boarding gates opened and it was arranged that we would meet again at 10h30. Than Kris came to fetch us then and he took us to the Food Court where we were told that our flight had been delayed to unknown reasons by 6 hours?! I could sense a sudden drop of enthusiasm of the whole team as everyone was extremely disappointed. Everyone sat around the table and nobody spoke a word than Kris organized some interesting Turkish pizzas and Cool drinks for us. Only 30min had past, definitely the longest 30min I have experienced. After an hour everyone came to terms with it and found ways to spend it. Most of us slept.

They woke us up and said that we had to go to the boarding gates, everyone was alive and exited again. We got on the plane and next stop South Africa!

So after 10 hours we arrived in jo’burg and we were welcomed by hearing Afrikaans every now and then and of course seeing the sun!

So not the greatest way to end the tour but in the end it really didn’t matter to us because no one could deny that the two weeks we spend in Hungary had been one of the best experiences we have ever had. From the beautiful Chain Bridge to being beating by a very talented Hungarian team, we had an amazing time and what really made it special was the company we had, each other.

To everybody that made this tour possible we all appreciate all the effort and work done and I can confidently say that every single person on this tour enjoy every single moment.

The experience of being overseas with your team coming together to play a sport we all loved. We had such an awesome time in an awesome place playing an awesome sport.

Northern Crocodiles Senior Waterpolo Tour To Hungary 2011 August 14-28

Day 1 – Justin Kemink

Departure from Tambo to Doha International

The day started early as most of us packed our last minute items for our long flight from OR Tambo to Doha International. There was a distinct buzz around the check in terminal as we all (both parents and boys) anxiously awaited the long flight ahead of us. We were all excited and nervous about our departure, and despite many accounts and stories of previous water polo tours, we did not fully understand what the Middle East had in store for us yet. After a long period of sleep and movies, we arrived rather early with a few minutes till eleven, in the blistering heat of late evening. After a lengthy check in (and further issues concerning Roberts’s passport), we were chaperoned through the air conditioned airport to our rather “dodgy” bus that would take us to our Hotel for the night (or should I say remainder of the morning). After spending a short period of time sleeping, or in the case of a few of us having a swim in the Hotel pool, we awoke to a borderline traditional breakfast downstairs in the lobby. We eventually boarded the bus, after a somewhat slow wake up from the Lagaay brothers, along with Kennedy, Giddings and Godrich. We did manage to check in quite convincingly after the morning’s debacles, and comfortably made our connecting flight to Bucharest, and further on Budapest. All in all, many fond (yet sweaty and hot) memories were made in our short stay at Doha.

Day 2 Nathan Clarke

The tour started for me upon the teams’ arrival in the hot sandbox that is Qatar. The heat was overwhelming and unluckily didn’t kill us the night before, pity; the sauna lined with sand, in which we found ourselves in was both insect and Muslim ridden. Upon arrival of Qatar, we got shouted at, stared at and made to feel uncomfortable by the natives. The cuisine was not to the usual palettes savour, nor was the manners. Dinner was served at 01:00 AM and Breakfast at 05:00 AM. Wi-Fi was considered a gold standard and Matthew Godrich took every opportunity to maximise his time on it.

The heat must have got to Harry Marques head as he really started to say some odd things, for example he identified that he magnificently fought off 35 UFC fighters without receiving any bodily harm; yes, we really believe you Harry.

Budapest, no longer the horrid sandbox that plagues our minds, it was also a change to the norm once again. The mood relaxed and the locals’ hangovers from the night before extreme. We met Kris and headed off to the hotel. The hotel was like a nice hostel with two fifty metre pools; we ended up swimming in both, one just for swimming and the other dedicated for polo.

Dinner was huge. The pizza that we ordered was one squared metre for each. Jayson nearly ate a whole one! Thank goodness the pizza came in time or he would have eaten me.

Even though we had a long and tedious day, fun was a beneficiary to our little band, and we continue to hope that it will remain so.

Day 3: Michael Giddings

Today started “nice” and early when we had morning training at 7, after around 45 minutes we went to breakfast. After breakfast we had to get prepared for our first match of the tour, against the England U18 national side touring. On the way we got our all travel passes which meant we could use any transport. While Kris was doing this, Sasha decided to try his luck with some ladies, which did not go very well, and mostly resulted in laughing and then walking away.

Then we went to a new sports centre with an amazing pool, where we faced England. We tried our hardest but ended up 22-5 to them. It was great playing in such a nice pool, and a good experience for everyone. After the match Kris took us to his University where he was studying, it was really interesting to see and hear from our coach how the Varsity system working in Hungary.

We then had a huge lunch with lots of meat and chips back at the hotel which was great.  It was great free afternoon, which some of us went to the Buda Castle, where we had the famous Hungarian funnel cakes. The rest went relaxed in the hotel.

We then had supper at our hotel, where we had Don Pepe pizza, which is always a highlight, although we had trouble finishing after our huge lunch. All the pizza is getting finished now though.

All in all, a great day in Hungary!

Day 4 Luke Lagaay

The day started off with one of Kris’s infamous “light training” sessions. The six o’clock wake up made the training even more difficult.  Once the training was finished, the “real fun” began.  A four hour trip with a world class singing solo from Nathan Clarke, some of Sasha’s “best of” school pranks, and in addition, we had Michael Roberts  sharing some of his intellect with the team.

The tour of Austria started at the Schonbrun royal palace, where the queue would’ve taken many hours to enter the palace, so we decided to look around the gardens surrounding the building. We jumped back on the bus and set off to a market where we enjoyed our first “traditional Hungarian meal”. Whilst driving through the capital city, we passed the parliament The Opera, the University of Vienna, buildings and some very interesting churches.

The third league men’s team, who Kris explained as an U16 team, put up a wonderful match for us at the waterpark in Lipot. The first two chukkas’ were very disappointing.  However, in the last two chukkas’ Kris also jumped in and brought us back into the game with three quick goals. Kris showed us just how effective “roaching” could be.  

All in all, an amazing day in Vienna.

Day 5 (By Danie Smit)

Our day started the night before when 3 of the boys arrived 5 minutes late after the cut-off time this meant that we would wake up an hour earlier for morning fitness. The set consisted of 10x50m freestyle and 10x50m butterfly 3 times all! (3500m with the warm up and the half of it was BUTTERFLY) After a stiff and painful practice we blew off some steam at the water park in a close lake. We skied, wakeborded and knee boarded. The funniest moment at the water park was when Sasha flew off the ramp while trying to. By 1 we were all hungry and sunburnt; Kris had booked us a buffy at some fancy (All you can eat and drink) restaurant. Nathan showed off some exceptional singing talent when he sang the happy birth day song twice. We returned to the hotel after our remarkable meal, Kris had given us the rest of the afternoon off.  Some of the boys took a nap and other went sightseeing. We all returned to the hotel for supper arrangements at 8 and we received some money from Kris to spend on food. We had some nice traditional Giros by wraps and coke. We were all back in bed 10.

All in all what another really fun day in Hungary.

Day 6  Harry Marques

The day started with a 6:30 wake up as we were all eager for the training session ahead, after one of the most tiring trainings (3600m swimming and leg exercises) to date we ate breakfast and some of us more than happy to jump back in bed. Others decided to spend their time shopping or sightseeing, we ate lunch at the hotel same old chicken schnitzel and chicken legs “exiting but a lot”. The plan was to leave for lake Balaton at about four but Kennedy ,Giddings, Luke and myself had make it interesting and arrive late, consequences being  us getting hit (punched in the chest) by Jason and Mathew not the best way to start the trip but I never be late again in my life again! The drive was hot and long and finally arriving at Lake Balaton thinking we would relax, meanwhile Chris had other plans after swimming circles in the lake we were encountered by a huge storm causing everybody to flee the lake and not much partying for us.

Once the rain had cleared up we started to soak in the local atmosphere and really enjoyed the vibe, later that night we went to coke club (Coca Cola Beach House) this was a very different scene to South Africa and turned out to be very interesting and enjoyable.

Rushing to the bus we knew there was a long trip back to Budapest, and dreading the early wake up as we were not in for much sleep. Otherwise despite the early wake up was a very enjoyable and a great day.

 In the bus driving back Chris said to us it is the first and last morning when is no morning training, it made the whole day even more unforgettable.

Day 7 Jake Lagaay

The 6th day of the tour got off to a slow and steady start after a long and eventful night at Lake Balaton the previous evening. A very persuasive Emma managed to sweet talk Kris into allowing the team to sleep in this morning. We all enjoyed a relaxed 8 o’clock breakfast after which most of the guys went back to bed. The remaining few who fought the urge to sleep either went tanning or to one of the few local shopping malls.

The rest of the day played out very nicely with a trip to the small town of Gyongyos.  The team was very eager to prove ourselves against the local club side known as the Gongyos Alligators.  The local club side is a 3rd division men’s team which was quite unsettling news for us, however Nathan Clark was quick to reassure us that Alligators are merely female Crocodiles and that picking up a win would therefore be much easier. With this knowledge under our belts we came out guns blazing and managed to walk away with a 13 – 13 draw. The team played well with solid performances from all the players including Jayson Landman who managed to score easily against the local Mafia Boss – one of the key players in the Alligators’ side.

After a lengthy drive home we enjoyed dinner at the hotel and a reflection session of the day. After dinner we all descended upon the town to enjoy the celebratory fireworks on the chain-link bridge. The fireworks were spectacular and the atmosphere was extremely festive with music playing in the street. Nathan also decided to exhibit his dancing skills amongst a crowd of patriotic Hungarians. The tour has been going extremely well with everyone having a great time.

Day 8 – Alan Fitzhenry

Our day started at 7am, with a quick breakfast and we were on our way to the small town called Eger to play the Russian national u16 team. After a two hour drive, which everyone slept through, we arrived at the pool which is one of the oldest pools in Europe. The pool was amazing, the water comes from a natural spring and it is 60° so they have to cool it. Another thing that was spectacular about the pool was that the bottom was covered with pebbles that most of us smuggled out in our costumes after our match.

The Russian side was not very strong but we did not play well and at all but it was nice to see some of the newer players our team step up, Danie Smit and Nathan Clark scored 2 goals, (Nathans new nick name from now is “’THE CANNON’’) each and the end score was 10-16 to them. After the game Kris got the whole team to jump into a small pool of mineral spring water which stank and the person who complained the most was Mr Lalla who was not even in the water.

Before we went home we went back to the hotel we had a small sightseeing at a small castle and huge wine cellar which is 1,5km and there where barrels that could contain 500 000L. After the drive back we had the day off where everyone went their own way be it going to the Buda castle for funnel cakes or shopping. We enjoyed another filling supper from Kris’s parents at 6pm and we were given until 10:30 as a curfew.

Day 9 Matthew Godrich

Today marked the start of the training camp. It started off with an early morning fitness session, which amounted to 3.5 kilometres of swimming. We then packed all we needed to pack, ate breakfast and booked out the hotel at around 10am. We then got into the bus for about a 45 minute drive to Leanyfalu, where the rest of the camp would take place. Lunch was directly after our arrival and was a buffet type lunch with healthy but great food, with only water or soda-water as our thirst quenching options. After lunch we were privileged to join the Hungarian side for a training taken by an ex-national Hungarian goalkeeper that participated in 5 Olympics. One of our shooting exercise the Hungarian coach said to Kris I will make all your players to run now, (because he jumped into the pool as a goalkeeper, and the player who missed the shoot had to run a lap around the pool), In a few seconds time all our players was running because no one could score against the coach! He is 46 years old and still and amazing goalkeeper! Justin and Michael our two new goalkeepers had some special advice from him, what they can use in the future what will make them a better keeper.

We were finally able to relax in our rooms for a couple hours before our third and final training session of the day from 7 till 9. Dinner followed with everyone eating as much as we possibly could. It’s safe to say that yesterday was by far one of the roughest training days that we’ve ever been a part of. We learn a lot from the training session with the local Hungarian team.

Day 10 – Ryan Kennedy

The day started early in the blistering heat waking up to a typical Hungarian breakfast salami. After a round of cold showers we then made our way to the pool. Now, you’d think that after six hours of training yesterday, it could not possibly get worse…Well, it did.

We were training together with the local Hungarian club, did a bit” of fitness, 8 times 200m some guys tried to keep up with the Hungarians, but it seemed as if they were attempting the impossible. Nathan went flat out in the first two sets with Hungarians, and unleashed his inner cannon, but his fuse burnt out and he died for the next 8 sets. We then had our favourite meal, chicken. We were given loads of free time which most of us spent tanning; Kenneth was working on his luminous backside. We then had land training where Jayson sweated so much that the pool level increased dramatically. Nathan realised was giving him lessons on this incredibly hard exercise that he was incapable of performing a squat, it got to the point where the team Next on the list was playing was what we perceived to be little Hungarians who were literally half the size of all us, but their fitness was unbelievable and their accuracy was unreal, they would literally pick a corner and the ball would hit the back of the net. Yet, they were all no older than 14.

It was a difficult and very useful day in Hungary!

Day 11 Kenneth Berger

We were prepared for the normal Leanyfalu routine of Train-Eat-Sleep, but today was full of surprises. A day of many twists and turns started off with the usual Hungarian breakfast, where we were greeted by the news that Nathan had to be taken to hospital with a suspected burst ear drum. Nathan had been in some pain the previous night and even though the whole team was really worried for him, there were a couple of smiles when we heard that Kris would not be able to take our land training practice. Sasha was put in charge of our technique and conditioning session and he soon wiped the smiles off our faces with a rough yet productive session that even Kris would be proud of. The guys spent some their free time either tanning or playing table tennis. Jayson displayed some fine, nimble work on the court; a real contrast to his raw power in the pool. He even managed to beat the apparent king of table tennis – our very own coach Mr Szentgyorgyi –TWICE.  Between all the fun there was a real concern about what was happening down at the hospital. We received the bad news just after lunch that Nathan had burst his ear drum (previous injury) and would be out for the rest of the tour as well as the Clifton tour later this year (he has to have a surgery when we back to SA). Our second practice of the day was a practice match against the Leanyfalu’s  Junior side. The game went smoothly with combinations really starting to click into place. The long hours of fitness also paid off as break away goals were non-existent except when Harry Marques  was present. Junior players like Danie Smit and Michael Giddings really stepped up to the plate and put in good performances.  The evening match against Leanyfalu’s senior side was set up to be really tough encounter.  The boys put up an absolutely stunning performance.  We raced ahead into a 3 goal lead shocking not only our opposition, but ourselves as well. Once again it was another exciting day and the outstanding performance at the end of it really placed the cherry on top.

“It was the first time when the team played really good polo against a very strong opposition, if the team can carry on playing this level of Waterpolo they will be the best team in South Africa next season.” (Kris)

Day 12 Michael Roberts

This morning we woke up to what was probably one of the hardest training sessions of the two weeks. Ryan Kennedy took a blow to the ear the night before and had to go to the ear specialist to check up on it. Unfortunately he came back with bad news and had a similar problem to Nathan” the cannon”. He had burst his ear drum. We then had the rest of the day to relax in our rooms and the team got together for a ping pong and snooker tournament. Harry Marques became the second person to beat the self-acclaimed ping pong king Kris and Matt Godrich managed to get thrashed by every single member of the team including Nathan. At 7:00 we gathered together for our finale evening game against Vasas Under 16 side.  Fortunately there was no scoreboard and we lost count of the score but in the first hour we couldn’t manage to score any goals. Even though the team struggled in the match Matthew and Harry played exceptionally well. In our finale meeting of the day we started the preparation for the final day Waterpolo tournament what our host and Kris organized only for us what will taking part in a lake in a  close island, than we received our bags which I’m sure everyone is very grateful for. Great day good Waterpolo lesson for us tonight.

Day 13 Jayson Landman

Today was the penultimate day of our tour and the final day in the oven that is Leanyfalu. The uncomfortably hot heat wave passes over on Sunday, the day after we leave, and has been the source of much deserved verbal abuse. Subsequently to our usual breakfast we went into our rooms and came up with some ingenious schemes to keep cool… none of which worked. Although attempts such as “stealing” heat from the wall and making yourself at home on the floor have to be admired they are merely placebos. It was so hot that it appeared as if Jake had acquired a tan which, disappointingly for Jake, was just an extra freckle.  We started our active part of the day with some light passing drills. Eventually fear of evaporation consumed us and we had to rest in the shade.

By the early afternoon it was time to put on our game faces. We went for a short walk through a town that looked the hardest hit by the Chernobyl disaster; I could have sworn I saw a man with so many extra parts on his head that he could have given an eardrum to both Nathan and Ryan for a transplant. Finally we arrived at the radioactive cesspit of a dam and began the tournament that would see us play Leanyfalu’s senior and junior teams and a Slovakian club.

Our first clash would be the easiest as we would be matching up against the “little kiddies” and ended up nearly loosing. We got swum all over the place; this might have to do with none of our players wanting to get their faces wet for fear of developing a mutation. We then had to toughen up to take on the supposed u/16 side from Slovakia who had some vicious supporters. I think I was more scared of the guy’s mother than him and she was 30m away. We then threw the match as we were scared of the potential post match encounters.

Our last game of waterpolo while on tour was against the Leanyfalu senior side which we unfortunately lost and quite badly so. We are now back at the hotel and are safely sweating on our pillows.

Day 14 – Robbie Alexander

Another 7:25 wake up to get to breakfast at 7:30. Today was different because it was the first time I could walk straight from my bed to the door of the room without tripping over clothes and shoes lying on the floor as it was all packed. We went down stairs and had the same breakfast that we had had for the past 2 weeks which was salami and cheese on a bread roll which is something that I will not miss.

After a final sweep of the rooms we left the hotel and went to the West End Mall back in Budapest which is like the equivalents to Menlyn. Some guys went off to the castle to buy souvenirs and others stayed at West End and shopped for clothes. Myself and Jake Lagaay pretty much walked the entire mall and went on a huge shopping spree.

We met again at around 13:00 and set off to the Budapest International Airport. While we were getting our bags wrapped a small Asian man tried to jump the queue and Kris gave him one of the roughest death stares I have ever seen. The man started talking to Kris in quite an angry tone but nobody could understand him so Kris just told him to run along… It was hilarious!! After going through customs everyone did some last minute shopping trying their best to get rid of all their forint coins which are not worth much and most of us were quite successful in that.

We landed in Doha at 11:15 and it was 35 degrees as we got out of the plane but it didn’t feel so bad as we were used to the hot weather from Hungary. We got onto a bus that smelt just like a portable toilet. We were told that we were going to spend 2 hours in the airport but it ended up only being 20 minutes. Then we got back onto the bus that smelt just like a portable toilet to get on the next plane back to OR Tambo International.

After a long flight we arrived back at OR Tambo International. There was a big drop in temperature which was a disappointment. Going from 35 degrees to 15 degrees was quite a big adjustment. It felt good to be back even though it was cold. After saying good bye to everyone we all went our seperate ways. Everyone seemed happy to be home.

Some words of Psych from Lalla is that when Clark Kent is not superman he is a normal person, an average joe. As soon as he puts on the Superman suit he is not an average joe any more. As much as this is Psych from Lalla maybe we could take this to heart. On this tour, guys got to prove themselves and they did. Nathan “Cannon” Clarke proved himself as a fairly destructive centre forward with his potent buckshot’s.

Luke Lagaay with his shots from seriously acute angles and scoring. Danie Smit proved himself in every aspect of the game. Danie was the most improved player of this tour and I think most of the guys on the tour would agree.
Both the goalies, Justin “Birosh” Kemink and Michael “Stiffler” Roberts improved a truck load. They both managed to pull off some tremendous saves against the very best.

Alan Fitzhenry was someone to admire on this tour as he stayed calm through the worst. Every team needs someone like that.
Jason “Water-World” Landman was impressive on this tour. He managed to bring his best to every game even though he was not as fit as he usually is because of that spider bite.

Matthew Godrich was Kris’s player of the tour. He managed to steal the ball from the Vasas centre forward countless times and scored some sexy top corner goals.

Ryan Kennedy was an asset to the team. A player as versatile as Ryan is quite hard to find. He managed to score many goals from centre forward against some seriously big opposition. Its hard to predict what he will do next.

Harry Marques has a lions heart and doesn’t give up. He always seems to manage to find himself open on the wing. Having a leftie is always useful. Kenneth Berger is probably the fittest player in our team and he plays with a lot of aggression. He always motivates other players and lifts their spirits. He also managed to squeeze in a few really good goals.

Then last but not least, Jake Lagaay. In our team I have probably learnt the most from Jake. His passes, skill and position in the pool is exceptional. He is a tremendously gifted player.

We went to Hungary expecting to learn a lot and grow as water polo players which we definitely did. All the funny moments like when Nathan said that aligators are female crocodiles or when Michael Roberts asked what sea animals you find in Hungary, will stay with me forever. Every single one of us improved even though we may not think so. This tour will have done a lot of good for St Albans water polo as it has given us valuable experience and we have learnt things that no other South African school boy water polo players have.

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL TOUR FOR THE Northern Crocodiles 20-30 APRIL 2011!


Werner Pretorius Day 2 

On Thursday morning we landed in Germany after an exhausting eleven hour flight from Johannesburg. We arrived in the beautiful city of Budapest where we were going to stay for a week. That night we ate at a restaurant called Don Pepe where the pizzas we got were so large that it took at least five guys to eat one. On the same night at Don Pepe we saw the best rated Waterpolo player of the Century Tamas Farago (And he was obviously Hungarian).

Stephen Scholtz Day 4

In Hungary, and probably most of Europe, the sun only sets at about  8:30. So we were all running around thinking it is only 7:30 when we soon all realise that it just past midnight.

We all wake up a bit  sleep deprived, to find out that we have to meet Kris at the poolside. Half-heartedly everyone puts on their gowns and costumes and walk down.  After about 10 minutes we ordered to jump into the outside 50m pool for a “light fitness session” or so we thought.

The rest of the day was filled with going to the mall and a mild sight-seeing trip.

Alessandro Guera Day 5

Today was full of sightseeing. We took a tram across the river to the Pest side of Budapest. The locations that we visited were Heroes Square where approximately 20 statues of all of Hungary’s previous kings stood towering over us.  We all then got the chance to shop for some souvenirs at an agricultural museum which is a replica of Dracula’s Transylvanian Castle. Eventually the topic of food came to mind and we were taken to Burger King for one of the best burgers I have tasted. While walking to the underground metro we were approached by some Americans who were very interested in the fact that we played Waterpolo, and started asking Terry, our top model, to pose for some photos. After that we experienced a 200m journey underground on an escalator to a subway. It turns out that the whole subway area can house 100 000 people and keep them fed for up to 5 months in case of a war or state of emergency. A train was then caught to the Parliament buildings which are one of the most detailed and amazing structures you will ever see.

Terry Kirunda Day3

We woke up early for a very important training before our big match that afternoon against a local Hungarian side. Later that day we arrived at the pool area in Pecs, and Kris Introduce to us Dr Molnar Tamas, (see photos)  who went to five Waterpolo Olympics AND won 3 times 2000 Sydney, 2004 Greece, 2008 Beijing. We asked questions from his Waterpolo carrier and give us his signature in our bags, than Kumbs our captain give him our gifts, than he refed our game and his team ravaged us heavily. After that embarrassing game we had a time of relaxation in a big Jacuzzi.

Hungarian Match Bradley Velleman

So the game starts with us in a huddle formation and of course Werner and Terry are sitting in the middle of nowhere, not knowing what on earth is going on, as always. Some of my highlights of the match are watching Daniel do 20 push ups on the side of the pool,  because he managed to hit Kumbz on the head with the ball and said he was trying to pass to him. Another  was watching the ref laugh at the opposite goalkeeper for hitting the ball into his own goals while saving a shot. Anyway the game ended and the final score was 20-4 it was a good experience and we all learned a lot from it.

Bradley Mapstone

After our 1st game we had an hour till we left for our 2nd game of the day, it was geed! In the first 5 minutes of our game we played AWESOME! We had like 7 shots at their goals that missed by inches. In the second chukka, we were ok. But Daniel kept spinning his opponents, which was GEED. In the fourth chukka we started scoring with the first goal by “Fuch-lock`s”. But in the end we lost 27-3! This day ended on a good, not, because in the evening we got the Croatian team in trouble, hahaha!

Szia!- Daniel Watkins

I can honestly say that playing against Serbia is like playing against a really strong brick! It’s totally pointless anyway we played a hard match against the Serbs and unfortunately lost 30-4. We all learned plenty and will look forward to next season to show off our Hungarian skills. I enjoyed the Tournament a lot, ready to play some Hungarian level waterpolo in Wynberg.